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We are a newly founded, small, indie game development studio with big ideas and great ambitions.
For us, games are an extraordinary artform that when crafted carefully, can achieve the most beautiful results.
We love telling stories that keep you in the edge of your seat, design amazing

landscapes that come to life as they make you dive into them, detailed characters with vast and legendary background stories, and music to express what nothing else can and take you places where only through it is possible. We share the same passions;
Art and Videogames


UFO: Mission Earth

The goal of the game is to go on missions to a farm and abduct as many cows as you can before the time ends. Of course, not everything is as easy as it sounds. Old farmers and their granddaughters will defend their cattle by shooting at your UFO. You can obtain HP and laser shots to defend yourself against humans by abducting pigs, and you can gain time to continue on the mission by abducting sheep. Try it out and beat your high scores!

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A Wizards' Tale

Currently in development. A Wizards' Tale is a beautiful adventure full of magic, love and bravery.

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